In all life phases

Women can experience quite a few changes in their bodies over the course of their life. Puberty, menstrual cycles, and menopause are some of the rhythms. Family planning, pregnancy, and post-natal adjustments can be entire life phases, and the end of a phase can also be a significant moment. Every woman experiences this process differently, depending on a personal decision or life conditions.

Osteopathy tells us that restricted tissue mobility can also affect physiological change processes.

Osteopathy can be one component of your approach to helping your body in these life phases.



A special practice group

I received further training in the field of gynecology from Martina Seidler and the practice group Happy Gyn. For many years (ca.2009) we have been expanding our knowledge and our manual skills. We welcome guest speakers on topics  that can complement our work. We talk about what we have learned from other courses.

Self-Healing Energy

As with infants, children's treatments are a surprise! When the world is finally explored from the vertical, a child no longer wants to lie on its back and be moved by it. The word relaxation is a foreign word and rather a wish of the parents! Children tell a story that I try to explore.

The objective of the osteopathic treatment is to provide the child with optimal support for his or her development with gentle manual techniques that activate the self-healing energy in the little body. It complements the pediatrician’s approach.

If you are unsure whether an osteopathic treatment is appropriate for your child, do call me in advance and we can discuss it over the phone.

Special osteopathic treatment center for children in Berlin

(Osteopathische Kindersprechstunde e.V. Berlin)

The osteopathische Kindersprechstunde e.V. Berlin is an organization initiated by Friederike Kaiser in Berlin and supported by many therapists. Children from low-income families are treated by experienced therapists. The changes perceived during and after the treatment are discussed. The center organizes advanced training and lectures to deepen our knowledge of the field.

Special gentle treatment

Working with babies is very special for me to this day. The beginning of life is still so present and the excitement about is so noticeable. Even babies already present a story. The course of pregnancy and childbirth provide important clues as to which forces have affected the child.

The diagnosis from the hospital and pediatrician are always an important part of the case history. I then undertake a physical examination to sense whether the energy from the birth were well regulated and whether there are any tensions in the tissues.

Based on the diagnosis, the treatment with osteopathic techniques is very gentle. Their objective is to dissolve any barriers to movement and thereby to activate the infant’s self-healing energy.