" Die osteopathische Auffassung von Gesundheit bezieht die harmonische und uneingeschränkte Bewegung des Körpers und aller Körpersysteme ein. " Robert Fulford

Osteopathic treatments place the whole person — body, soul, and spirit — at the center. We do not treat illnesses but rather the loss of movement, which has led to limitations and symptoms.

The treatment takes effect when the limitations are resolved and the subsequent self-regulation takes hold. The amount of time the body needs for this to happen varies. For this reason, the timing of appointments is decided based on your personal needs. As a therapist, I work with your body as an interconnected and complexly regulated organism. With my hands, I explore and assess the mobility of the individual structures and their interaction with their surroundings, as well as the mobility of the body as a whole. A disturbance in mobility expresses itself as tension in the tissues, from which, according to osteopathy, functional disorders can result. The connective structures in our bodies (e.g., fascia) can lead to functional problems or to problems in other parts of the body.

My treatment is based on osteopathic techniques. The objective is to dissolve the barriers I discover with my fingers and thereby give the body the possibility of regulating itself anew and to find a new balance. Body, soul and spirit are a whole, so changes can occur on all levels.

If you are unsure whether a treatment is appropriate for you, call me so that we can discuss it. At the beginning of an appointment I will also explain how I will treat you and how long the treatment is likely to last.