The way I work is:

  • I apply the philosophy from osteopathy in all treatments
  • I seek out complementary approaches to osteopathy in other disciplines
  • I contribute to expanding knowledge about osteopathy

I speak French as well.

      . . . . . . .

My training in osteopathy:

  • 1997-2002 in-service training at College Sutherland Berlin
  • 2003 Graduation with AFO (Academy of Osteopathy)
  • 2004 Completion of alternative medicine exam
  • Since 2003 I have regularly undertaken advanced training

Training never stops!

In order to provide the best possible care to my patients, I continue expanding my knowledge and skills.

Among the courses I have been taking regularly are:

  • Osteopathy for children (e.g. Piet Dijs - Berlin, Eva Möckel, Noori Mitha- Schlangenbad)
  • Osteopathy in gynecology, women’s health (Martina Seidler- Potsdam)
  • Biodynamics (Piet Dijs, Rene Briand - Berlin), VOD and AFO

Since 2016 I am a member of the research network of the A.T.Still University in Kirksville / USA. Since 2015, practice-oriented studies on osteopathy have been organized and carried out in Germany in cooperation with the VOD.

In the first study I took part in my practice with interested patients as a practitioner. She dealt with the question:

'Osteopathy has side effects and there is a relationship with the treatment methods used and the areas of the body that have been treated'. The publication by is in progress.'

In spring I participated in the AFO (Academy for Osteopathy) study on osteopathic treatment of infants and children in their first year of life.

Association of Osteopaths Germany - VOD

Logo of the  VOD

I have been a member of the professional association of osteopaths in Germany (VOD) since completing my training. It is the largest professional association in this area in Germany, and membership is not only a sign of solid training, it is also the precondition for the reimbursement of treatment costs by many health insurance providers.

You will find me in the list of therapists here, and more information about osteopathy and the activities of the professional association.