Training never stops!

In order to provide the best possible care to my patients, I continue expanding my knowledge and skills.

Among the courses I have been taking regularly are:

  • Osteopathy for children (e.g. Piet Dijs - Berlin, Eva Möckel, Noori Mitha- Schlangenbad)
  • Osteopathy in gynecology, women’s health (Martina Seidler- Potsdam)
  • Biodynamics (Piet Dijs, Rene Briand - Berlin)
  • Congresses, among subjects like pediatrics, gynecology, fascia (Berlin), Sutherland, about the age, A.T. Still-(Bad Nauheim)
  • osteopathic techniques (e.g. Gerry Gajadhharsingh)
  • practical research projects and taken courses in scientific techniques